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60 Below Liquid Ice & Snow Melt 16 oz pump spray
Environmentally safe, low corrosion; biodegradable; effective to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. Will NOT crack concrete, burn grass or shrubs, or stain carpets, floors. Easy and safe to use. Great on windshields and steps!
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Detailed Description

60 Below is environmentally friendly and non-corrosive. 

Uses: transportation agencies, property management firms, industrial facilities requiring a high performance and fast deicer.  Suitable for use on windshields, steps, outdoor mechanical handling systems, conveyors, elevators, walkways, rail switches. 

Prewetting Agent: Use as a prewetter for road salt and other solid deicers.  Because it has a very low freezing point (-76F) it significantly improves the performance of solids and does not clog spray nozzles.  1.25 gal per 100 lbs. deicer or sand.

Anti-Icer: Spray on pavement before precipitation begins.  A high traction film forms to prevent adhesion of ice and snow, which is mechanically removed. 0.5 gal per 1,000 sq ft.

Deicer: Effective deicer when applied on top of snow and ice.

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