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Azmira Herbal Calm 100 capsules
Provides gentle herbal calming effects within thirty minutes for most pets.
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Detailed Description

Azmira Herbal Calm provides gentle herbal calming effects within thirty minutes for most pets.  Can be used as needed.  One dose lasts three to four hours.

Provides immediate, yet temporary calming effect appropriate to travel or specific situations that may be stress producing.  Does not produce lethargy or cloudiness of mind. 

Indications: Symptoms associated with anxiety and stress including excessive salivation, pacing, aggression, grooming or traveling problems and hyperactivity or difficult transitions (training, moving, family changes, introducing new pets, etc.).  Use during allergy season to reduce anxiety due to excessive scratching and biting; soothes general nervous conditions.  Can help to curb destructive behavior and increase attention span during training.  Well suited for daily use to eliminate many other negative, unwanted behaviors (when used with behavior modification).  Excellent supplement to use during competitions.

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