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SeaSupreme Nutritional Powder 12 oz
General low-potency multi-supplement. Supports digestion, stimulates coat and color, aids in proper growth.
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Azmira SeaSupreme Nutritional Powder is a general low-potency multi-supplement.  Supports digestion, reduces stool eating, stimulates coat and color, and aids in proper growth.  Sixteen types of sea vegetation, including yellow, blue, green Algae, Spirulina, Deluse and Irish moss are combined with nutritional yeast to provide sixty trace minerals, nineteen essential minerals, twelve vitamins and ten essential amino acids.  One hundred percent food-source supplement helps boost thyroid and thymus gland production, which controls the immune, hormone, and enzyme systems.  Excellent preventative supplement for degenerative structural problems, arthritis, general skin problems, infertility, low stamina, and poor condition.  Helps to promote sound legs and hooves in horses.  Great for all animals, including birds, horses, ferrets and reptiles.  Less expensive and less potent alternative to Mega Pet Daily for maintenance of healthy animals.  Excellent for use with farm animals.
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