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Tuff-Tool All Purpose Lubricant 32 oz liquid
An all purpose lubricant, penetrant, moisture displacer. Stops rust.
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Detailed Description

Tuff-Tool All Purpose Lubricant Penetrant penetrates, lubricates, stops rust and displaces moisture.  It is harmless to metal, rubber, plastics and painted surfaces.  It is non-conductive. 

Quickly wicks in to free parts locked or frozen by rust, scale, gum, grease, paint or other binding residues.  Easy to use, neat, clean and very effective in penetrating threaded fasteners and pins, sleeves, hinges, press fits.

Contains an inhibited oil lubricant suitable for many light duty lubrication uses.  May be used on nuts, bolts, pins, shafts, bearings, latches, locks, or the assembly and disassembly of equipment and engines, springs, shackles, light duty sleeve bearings, plastics, wheel lugs, brake hardware, roller chain, chain saws and threaded take-ups.

Excellent for use on molds, tools, parts, assemblies and newly machined metal in indoor storage.  Resistance is provided against acid fumes and salt spray.  A good barrier is created against humidity flash rust and provides for up to two years indoor storage without corrosion.

Excellent for use on any equipment that is moisture sensitive such as internal combustion engines, high voltage wiring and distributors, electrical switches, starters, motors, generators, alternators, relays, and surfaces that may become conductive due to soil.  Superb for use on marine engines and ignition systems.

Meets MIL-C-23411 Grades 1 & 2, and W-P-216B

Keep out of reach of children.  Harmful or fatal if swallowed.

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