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Azmira Calm & Relax Standardized Extract
Supports the nervous system and controls most seizures. Mild sedative. Excellent for pain relief. Soothes nerves. Reduces anxiety to promote rest.
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Azmira Calm & Relax Standardized Extract: Also relieves hormone imbalance often associated with seizures, glandular dysfunction and incontinence.  Helps digestive problems resulting from anxiety.

Antispasmotic, helps indigestion.  Nerve tonic.  Rebalances neurological function and slows deterioration.

Nerve, Trauma and Sleep formula.

Azmira's strongest herbal calmer.  Helps support the nervous system and restore balance for more serious or chronic conditions.

Excellent in controlling many types of seizures and as a general restorative for pets that have undergone a long and stressful or painful period.

Works as a daily tonic for highly stressed pets that may result in digestive problems and loose stools. 

Reduces the need to "hump" that some pets have regardless of neutering. 

Specifically indicated for the treatment of nerve and muscle spasms, nerve trauma, nerve injury, and nervous agitation.  As a restorative, repairs vital force after injury, trauma, or shock.  Specifically useful in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, hyper-excitability, tension, nerve exhaustion, nerve disturbances.

Can be used as an anti-viral agent both topically, and internally for treatment of herpes, especially those associated with feline viral infections.
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