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Azmira D'Toxifier 1 oz
May be used to promote a period of detoxification.
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Azmira D'Toxifier may be used to promote a period of detoxification when used alone or in conjunction with a fast or given as a weekly maintenance dose.  It will further stimulate the process of self-induced detoxification to promote symptom reversal rather than suppression.  For example, in the case of fever in response to bacteria: this allows the fever to work quickly without much discomfort (symptoms) to the body.

This is accomplished through the removal of metabolic and catabolic wastes that build up in the circulatory fluids.  These cause organ congestion, joint inflammation, a reduction in nutrient assimilation, digestive upsets and poor immune response with degenerative tissue conditions and mutating cells. 

This remedy can help build the pet's resistance to the daily barrage of toxins and allergens in the environment and those ingested with many commercial diets.  It is especially beneficial when drugs are necessary; it decreases the likelihood of side-effects.  D'Toxifier also contains Thuja, which aids in the prevention and reversal of vaccine-induced symptoms, past and present.

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