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Azmira NaturFiber 14 oz
Easy-to-feed fiber supplement
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Azmira NaturFiber is an easy-to-feed, smooth-tasting bulk producing vegetable, grain and fruit fiber supplement for all pets.  Can be added to moistened food.

Optimum fiber supplement.  Excellent hairball or Irritable Bowel Syndrome remedy.  Straight psyllium powder is considered through clinical experience, too harsh on the digestive tract when used alone.  Azmira NaturFiber combines other nutritional ingredients with psyllium to assure the finest colon care and nutritional bulk available.  Promotes hydration and lubrication in the colon, improves nutrient absorption.  Helps promote proper formation and elimination of stool.

Indications: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (regulates mucous lining reducing reactions), constipation (brings more moisture to the colon), or diarrhea (provides bulking action, restores flora), hairballs, diabetes (fiber combines with sugars to carry them through the digestive tract).  Safe to use long-term and during pregnancy.

Great for the prevention of horse colic.  Protocol: Mega Pet Daily, Super C 2000, Garlic Daily Aid, Yucca Intensive, NaturFiber, 1/2 cup of bran and 1/8 cup of oil (corn, safflower, etc.), mixed into a twice daily snack of soaked pellets or oats/barley mash. 

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