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Azmira Super C 2000 Powder 4 oz
Vitamin C supplement
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Azmira Super C 2000 is Vitamin C in powdered form.  Vitamin C has been found to kill bacteria, viral infections, yeast and fungus, making it a vital protector of the body.  Boosts immune system by increasing and speeding up the activity of white blood cells.  Ascorbic acid has been found to be a good preventative to viral infections such as parvo.  Primary role is in the formation of collagen, which binds connective tissue together (muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and blood vessels) and holds minerals in the bone - especially in large breed pets prone to arthritis.

Needed for antibiotic or antioxidant protection and tissue repair.  This general detoxifier is beneficial against cancer and degenerative diseases, especially arthritis.  Protects all vital organs.  Acidifies the urine and eliminates bacteria known to cause bladder and kidney problems.  Helps build resistance to allergies and toxins.  Other ailments responding well to vitamin C intake include respiratory weakness (particularly asthma), atherosclerosis and heart disease, eye or ear infections, heavy metal poisoning, cystitis, hypoglycemia, drug or vaccine reaction, hepatitis, obesity, tooth decay, periodontal disease, radiation.

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