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Azmira Viral D'Tox
Contains strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial or anti-fungal activity with immune enhancing properties. Targets cellular immunity and liver functions and acts to protect the healthy cells from infection.
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Azmira Viral D'Tox promotes a better flow of the vital force (chi) through the liver system.  Supports prevention, even when pet is exposed to highly contagious organisms.

Specifically indicated in the treatment of chronic viral infections including hepatitis and other live viruses that infect pets: Vaccinosis, Feline Leukemia, FIP, Distemper, and other acute (Parvo, Kennel Cough) or chronic viral infections.  Also indicated as an adjunct in the treatment of serious bacterial, Candida yeast overgrowth and fungal infections - as well as herpes infections such as rodent mouth in cats afflicted with Feline Leukemia.

Also protects from and eliminates bacterial infection.  Very beneficial in reducing secondary symptoms of auto-immune disorders in pets.
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