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Granule Sorb
Spill-eating, "dry-skinned" granules that absorb 100% of oil spills, hydrocarbons and other petroleum-type materials, animal fats, oils, greases, urine, feces, blood, vomit. All-purpose absorbent. NOT FOR USE ON HYDROFLUORIC ACID.
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Please contact us directly to place orders exceeding 150 pounds in weight.
Absorbs any hydrocarbon, petrochemical, or hazardous material except hydrofluoric acid.  Will NOT break down in water, aqueous solvents or lubricants.  Mix the granules with the spill, wait 5 minutes, then sweep, vacuum or shovel away.  Leaves a non-sticky, non-gooey, oil-free surface.  Removes oil spills from concrete or other hard surfaces.  Eliminates odor. 
Absorbs motor oil, battery acid, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, break fluid, gasoline, diesel fluid, aircraft de-icer fluid, anti-freeze, most acids, all oils, grease, turpentine, solvents, paints, wine, fat, medical-hospital spills.  CHANGES HAZARDOUS WASTE INTO NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE WHEN USED PROPERLY.
Over 8 times more effective than other absorbent products.  Only a fraction of Granule Sorb will do the same cleanup.  Use in ratio of 2 1/2 times the size of spill.  Non-flammable, non-combustible, OSHA accepted, HAZMAT safe.  NSF registered (USDA approved), MSDS registered. TCLP (EPA Toxicity Characteristic Leashing Procedure) compliant.  Effectiveness verified by independent universities and laboratories.  Non-reactive, no adverse reaction to most spills.  99% dust-free.  Disposal costs reduced 88% for large users resulting in major savings.  When used properly, most HAZMAT waste no longer hazardous, thereby substantially reducing these waste disposal costs.  Always dispose of waste in accordance with local regulations.
Safe for use in hospitals, schools, clinics, hospices, home health applications, nursing homes, retirement homes, restaurants, taverns, airline cabins.
Special pricing available for volume purchases.
Also available in 3 inch x 48 inch white polyester knit absorbent socks, 275 lb. drums and 1 ton bulk bags.  Please contact us for details.
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