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Azmira Kidni Flow
Temporary relief of symptoms associated with kidney, bladder, or urinary tract problems, including stone formation or difficulty or burning during urination.
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Azmira Kidni Flow contains diuretic, antiseptic, and emollient principles that act to break down stones and crystals, gently stimulate renal excretions, disinfect the urinary tract, and soothe irritated urinary membranes.  Also functions as a restorative tonic to the entire urinary system.

Indications: Treatment of dropsy from renal suppression, cystic catarrh, renal congestion, enuresis, renal obstructions (gravel, bladder stones, calculi), scalding micturition, irritable bladder, cystitis, nephritis, and inability to urinate freely.  Beneficial during cleansing periods because it stimulates the removal of catabolic waste from the tissues and encourages elimination via the kidneys.  Safe and effective renal support in even the worst cases, regardless of history.

Promotes urine flow.  Pet will need access to potty areas frequently!  Detoxification can also result in temporary urinary symptoms, including actual clinical readings of urine showing increased white or red blood cells, bacteria, crystals and other debris.  This is great!  The body is eliminating the very toxins and debris that influence kidney or bladder symptoms. 

Temporary irritation can result in some traces of fresh blood.  It will pass within a few days to a couple of weeks.  It is recommended that, unless life threatening, medications be avoided during this time of detoxification or potential rejuvenation will cease.  Do not use this extract with pregnant pets.

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