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Kleen Green Naturally Enzyme Cleaner and Insect Solution
Chemical Free Premium Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Insect Solution. Hypoallergenic, Non-Flammable, Non-Carcinogenic, Ecologically Safe, Biodegradable.
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Kleen Green Naturally Enzyme Cleaner is a chemical free premium multi-purpose cleaner and insect solution.  Hypoallergenic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, ecologically safe, U.S.D.A. Rated biodegradable.  Breaks down grease and other organic matter.  Cleans and deodorizes floors, walls, chrome and other surfaces not harmed by water.  May be used with pressurized, mechanical or manual systems, hand sprayers, mops or cloths.  Water temperatures below 65 degrees F. will prolong the time required for optimal cleaning.  Ideal temperature is 98 degrees F.  Children and pet safe.

Highly effective in dissolving fleas, bed bugs, biting mites, roaches, head lice, pubic lice, scabies, dust mites, fire ants, parasites.  Stops mold and new mold growth, provided that water leakage source is eliminated.  (May not completely remove mold stain, however.)  This product is not a pesticide.  Suitable for external body cleansing.  May be used by pregnant and nursing mothers, young children and most people with asthma and allergies.

Super concentrated formula; must be diluted with water before use: 32 ounce size yields 8 quarts; 1/2 gallon size yields 16 quarts; 1 gallon size yields 32 quarts.  Mixing ratio with water is generally 1 ounce Kleen Green Naturally to 7 ounces water.  Depending upon application, smaller amounts of Kleen Green Naturally may be used. 

Washes off completely with water.  Leaves non-static finish, inhibiting accumulation of dust, grime or protein matter.

Large volume quantities are available for commercial applications.  Please call for information.

Avoid eye contact.

Ingredients: Filtered and purified water, natural enzyme cleaners including protease, lipase, cellulase and amylase.  Derived from organic sources.



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