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Search - Inventor and provider of Chin-up Strips sleeping aid. - Directory of eco-friendly and holistic health products. - Latest information about Michael James Keenan, a brave man who was critically burned as a consequence of saving Bobby, a friend's Jack Russell terrier, from a burning apartment building. - Latest information about Beauty, a magnificent eagle found slowly starving to death in a landfill in Alaska, unable to eat as a result of a bullet that left her tongue and sinuses exposed.   Learn about the restoration of her beak, the loving people who nurture her and what you can do to help. - Latest information about Amberwood Sanctuary, a most wonderful place which provides a safe, loving and permanent home for unwanted or abused donkeys and wild burros.  Learn what you can do to help. - Bio-frequency scanning - A non-invasive, new technology based on bio-physics to help determine the level of health in humans and animals.  Used to identify imbalances in the body in order to address them appropriately.

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