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Oak & Ivy Topical Itch Relief 2 ounce spray
Topical formula to help treat rashes caused by poison oak and poison ivy. Can also be used on bug bites, bee stings, hives and minor burns.
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Oak & Ivy Topical Itch Relief by LA Naturals helps dry up rash keeping it from spreading to other parts of the body.  Promotes tissue repair.  Counteracts irritation, stops rash from worsening and reduces redness and swelling.  Helps reduce inflammation, cool infected area and relieve pain.

Contains fresh grindelia flower, fresh jewel weed herb, witch hazel leaf and bark, grain alcohol (47 - 57% by volume), and deionized water.
- Certified Organic
- Ethically wild harvested
- Selectively imported

NO artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colors.  Sustainable for vegetarians.
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