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Yelm Earthworm and Castings Farm: Organic Worm Castings
Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Food Program Registered Material, Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings in 1 gallon size.
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About Worm Castings: Castings release their nutrients over time, making them superior to ordinary compost. Castings added to the soil can stabilize the level of nutrients available to plants over several years.  Castings improve plant growth, improve soil water retention, are 100% organic and non-toxic.  They cannot burn plants, are odor free, and control or eliminate fungi. 

Worm castings can either be mixed into the soil or applied on top of the soil as a top dressing and watered in.  Studies have shown that as little as 5% castings added to soil achieve dramatic beneficial results.  Worm castings can also be used to make worm tea.  Tea is used as a leaf spray to suppress disease.  When sprayed onto the soil, worm tea enhances microbe life.

Worm teas are increasingly used in golf course turf management rather than harsh fungicides.  Worm teas are also used in residential turf management and lawn care with excellent results.  Grass becomes healthier, thatch is reduced, and the soil becomes more water retentive.  By eliminating chemicals, the harmful, toxic effects of those chemicals on surface and ground water and the environment are also eliminated.


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